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Why Canada

Hosting nearly half a million international students, Canada is known to offer high quality education at an affordable tuition fee which individuals can easily afford and global recognition of degrees is also a plus point for their personal growth. Not only does Canada have a well deserved reputation for being the most welcoming places on earth but it's also considered to be one of the safest places to live. When most countries have shut their immigration programs due to coronavirus pandemic, Canada has been quick to open migration opportunities in 2021. Before making plans to live in Canada make sure that you are well-aware of the major provinces so as to carefully choose the one to reside in. Below are Canada’s major provinces that form the part of the second largest country in the world, endowing employment opportunities, high quality lifestyle, safety and security and much more.


Population: 3,645,257

Capital: Edmonton

Largest city: Calgary


Alberta is a world leader not only in the matter of the oil and gas industry but also is the residence to the fast emerging industrial and service sector. The province has a rare and vibrant culture which is largely shaped by the immigrants who have been residing in the province. One can find a variety of culture, music, art and cuisine fr ...

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Population: 4.4 million

Capital: Victoria

Largest city: Vancouver


British Columbia covers the coast of Canada with its size being four times the size of Great Britain but constitutes only one-tenth of the population of the entire country. It became the sixth province of Canada in 1871, and today has a population of approximately 4.6 million people. With major ranges running mostly north-south from th ...

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Population: 1,208,268

Capital/Largest city: Winnipeg


Located in central Canada, Manitoba is one of Canada’s three Prairie Provinces. Manitoba is home to over 1,272,000 people. The largest city in the province is the capital, Winnipeg, with a population exceeding 780,000. The second largest city is Brandon, with a population of around 53,000. Manitoba has received increasing numbers of immigrants in recent years. Currently, t ...

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Population: 12,851,821

Capital/Largest city: Toronto


Canada’s most well known, sought after and popular destination for immigrants, Ontario is the country’s most populous province, having more than 13,650,000 people residing within its boundaries. It is also the second-largest province in the country by land area. The province is situated in central Canada. Ontario is also known for its natural diversity, including far spr ...

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Population: 7,903,001

Capital: Quebec City

Largest City: Montreal


Quebec is a vibrant multicultural province, often earning it recognition as the “Europe of North America ''. Quebec is also famous for its vast forests, rolling hills and countless waterways. In fact, Quebec has approximately 1 million lakes and waterways, giving it more freshwater than any other province. Quebec’s mining a ...

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Population: 1,033,381

Capital: Regina

Largest city: Saskatoon

Saskatchewan is Canada's "sunniest" province, averaging 2,000 to 2,500 hours of sunshine annually. The province has a population of just over 1.1 million, with Regina, the capital city, counting roughly 240,000 and Saskatoon, the largest city, having a population of 300,000. Unlike past periods of time when immigrants were attracted to Saskat ...

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Canada is home to a population of close to 35 million, but boasts the 2nd largest land area of any nation at 9,985,000 Sq. Km. It is an absolutely stunning place, vast and unspoilt. There are heaps of land which is virtually untouched by human feet.
Canada is also popularly known for its high standard of living combined with quality of life. It is a country really built for families. In the sub urban streets there is a feeling of safety and togetherness with lots of community events such as barbeque and festivals catering to families with kids.
Canada is the home to the 10th largest economy in the world which is constantly growing and diversifying, needless to say growth inspires more need which opens up all sorts of opportunities for different kinds of professions.
Canada is voted 7th best country to live in by a survey conducted in 2014-15, hence, popularly known for its high standard of living combined with quality of life. Once you arrive and get settled here you will come to understand why survey after survey finds Canada to be such a great place
Adding on to it, an excellent quality of life and high standard of academics is why Canadian education stands unique and popular among students across the globe.
Being a resource based economy that is based on conservative banking policies, Canada remained somewhat stable while the rest of the world suffered through the most recent Financial Crisis. Under the federal skilled workers program, there are currently 347 occupations that can qualify you for a Fast Track entry.
Canada's Medicare system of free basic health care to everyone based on need rather than ability to pay is paid by the Canadian citizens pitching in towards the system via taxes. Should it be a simple visit to the doctor for a check-up or open heart surgery, the cost is the same – FREE!