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Study Permit Extension: Benefit IRCC Provides to Students for Further Studies

High lifestyle standards, the best quality of education, and countless study programs in different sectors are enough reasons to encourage students to keep studying in the country even after completing their courses. IRCC always welcomes aspirants looking for a wide window of opportunity to pursue quality courses in the hope of a successful career. A study permit extension is the best way to get university admission in a new program without leaving the country and then again applying for a study permit. It automatically renews your study permit and extends it till the duration of your new program. Here we will discuss the procedure as recommended by the immigration authority to apply for the application within Canada. Let's jump into the topic.

Can study permit be extended in Canada? The answer is a big yes! It is a boon for international students on a student visa who wish to study further after completing their current course and want to stay in the country.


Renewal of Study Permit Canada: What is the Right Time?

The expiry date mentioned on the study permit signals the right time to apply for the extension. The date also tells when you should stop studying and leave the nation. It is written on the top right corner of the study permit. The duration of a student visa is usually the length of the course you will pursue. An additional 90 days are also given to students to make the necessary arrangements for further plans, be it leaving the country or continuing a new course. These three months are very crucial and must be used wisely.    

If you plan to join a new course in the nation, follow the guidelines below for a smooth study permit extension procedure.

  • Students must apply for the application within 30 days before the expiry date of their student visa.
  • How to extend Study Permit in Canada online is the most commonly asked question that will be further discussed in detail.
  • If your visa expires, and you still like to stay there, you must apply for a new study permit or restore your status as a transient resident.


Requisite before applying for the visa extension

  • Make sure you put in the application 30 days before the expiry date
  • Your passport must have enough validity till or above the duration of the new program
  • The early application enables you to study under the same terms and conditions until you get the decision from the embassy.

A Thorough Process to Extend Study Permit in Canada

The IRCC recommends applying for the extension through online mode. In most cases, it also happens, except you have some disability that doesn't allow you to put the application online, and there is some issue with the online request for the extension. 

  • Online application saves delivery time and courier fees.
  • Processing time is relatively quick as compared to paper mode.
  • It ensures your application is complete before you submit it.
  • It is a fast way to upload and send more documents if the embassy asks.
  • Applicants can easily track the application status on their online account.

Step 1: Gather all the necessary documents. You must have a scanner or camera to make scanned copies. For online payment must have a credit or debit card.

Step 2: Carefully read all instructions. A guidebook is provided to make sure you complete the process accurately. It explains how to fill individual columns.

Step 3: Make sure to answer every question with no error, and based on your answers, a personalized documents checklist is created for you.

Step 4: After filling out the form, you are asked to pay the fees that indicate the end of the online application.

Step 5: Create your online account at IRCC official site (canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/account.html) to put in the study permit extension application. It allows you to start the application process, fill out the study permit extension form, upload the documents, pay the fees, and track the current status.


Documents Required for Study Permit Extension Canada

  • Enrolment certification from ask.uwindsor.ca and transcript from UWinsite Student Portal
  • Letter of enrolment and transcript from CELD (ELIP candidates and graduates only)
  • LOA (Letter of Acceptance) (if you haven’t begun your academic course yet)
  • Co-op letter (if applying for the co-op work permit at the same time)
  • Transcripts from other Canadian organizations (if applicable)
  • Your passport with validity till the duration of the next enrolled course
  • Previous valid study permit
  • Latest Canadian passport-size snaps
  • Detail of Canadian bank account in your name
  • Student/education loan from a financial institution
  • Bank statements for the past four months
  • A bank draft in exchangeable currency
  • Proof of payment of tuition & accommodation fees
  • A letter from the person or institution offering you money
  • Evidence of grant paid from within Canada if you get a scholarship aid
  • Report of medical examination if required
  • Letter of explanation if mandatory


Study Permit Extension Costs

  • Application fees (including extension): CAN $150
  • Biometric charges: CAN $85


Canada Study Permit Extension Processing Time

The online application takes around 118 working days, whereas the paper mode is completed in approximately 113 days. This processing period doesn't include the time spend on the biometric.

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