About post graduation work permit

Canada Post Graduation Work Permit to stay and work in Canada after graduation

The PGWP (Post Graduation Work permit) is an International Mobility Program that allows students to gain Canadian work experience, especially who graduated from eligible DLIs (Designated Learning Institutions). The work experience gained through PGWP in education, training, and responsibilities will help the graduates to qualify for Permanent Residency through Express Entry. It allows job seekers to work anywhere with any employer for long hours of freedom according to their wishes. The most important tip to remember before choosing a study program in Canada is that all study programs in Canada are not eligible for PGWP. So, please verify this Canada post-graduation work permit eligibility before choosing any study program.

PGWP application requirements (Inside Canada degree holders)

Students can apply for the PGWP as long as he is eligible to put in the application. As recommended by the immigration office, students need to apply within 180 days after completing the course for more than 8 months.

  • A foreign national be 18 or older when applying.
  • A full-time study program in Canada must be at least eight months long.
  • The course must complete from DLIs with valid offer letters, transcripts, certificates, etc.
  • Apply for a work permit within 180 days of the completion of your program.
  • The applicants who request an application for PGWP before the end of their study program allow starting working full-time, even if their application is under process.


PGWP application requirements (Outside Canada graduates)

Students can also apply for PGWP while living outside Canada with the condition of being eligible and having a study permit issued by the government. Students pursuing the Canadian online program don’t require a valid study permit when applying for the program.


Documents necessities for file preparation:

  • A degree or diploma certificate
  • An official letter provided by the school
  • Original/Duplicate copy of the transcript of your school’s site
  • A medical certificate, if applicable
  • The authority may also ask for additional documents once they receive the application. It is recommended applying the application online.


Benefits of applying Online for PGWP:

  • You don’t need to pay courier charges.
  • Facilitate Fast application processing time.
  • You can be confident about completing the application form with no errors.
  • Quick submission of the document whenever you are asked for
  • Students have the benefit of tracking the application.


You are not eligible for PGWP if you…

  • Study a course that was lower than eight months.
  • Studied for more than eight months, but not in continuity, such as a semester off between the course.
  • Participate in Canada Commonwealth Scholarship Program.
  • Took Participation in Canada-China scholars exchange program, Equal opportunity scholarship, American state fellowship programs, etc.
  • Have completed courses in distance learning either abroad or in Canada.
  • Selected an accelerated program that is eight months long/ but you completed it in six months only?
  • Transfer study from a non-DLI to a DLI, and then the study program at a DLI school will count.


How long does it take to get PGWP?

The online application for a Post-Graduation work permit takes approximately 158 days; on the other hand, the offline application takes comparatively less time, around 58 days. But the PGWP processing time is reasonable in every manner. While waiting for the confirmation, you are eligible to work in Canada before your study visa expiration. It may require some additional documents when you are applying outside Canada. Moreover, you can apply for a work permit even after the PGWP Eg. Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Quebec Immigration Options.


Work right while the application is under the process

  • Students have the right to work full-time until they get the decision from the embassy, and the following conditions apply here are:
  • Students must have a valid study permit at the time of applying for the PGWP
  • Students must have completed their program and have the degree
  • Students were allowed to work outside the campus without a work permit and didn’t work more hours than instructed.


How Long is a post-graduate work permit Valid for?

  • Students who completed their studies for the course (less than eight months) are not eligible for a post-graduation work permit.
  • These students can go for some other program and combine both to get eligible for the post-graduation work permit.
  • The length of PGWP relies on the study program you opt for and is valid between eight months to three years.
  • On the other hand, post-graduation work permits have the same length as per your study Eg. Suppose you choose a program for nine months, then the PGWP length would be the same.
  • But in the case of 2 years of the educational diploma/degrees, the candidate will get a work permit for three years.


What to do if your visa expires before PGWP?

IRCC requires students to have a valid study visa for their post-graduation work permit. In case your VISA expires before the due date of the work program, then the immigration authority

  • Allow you to work till the expiry date of your VISA.
  • They confirm if you need to extend your visa to get you the benefits of working full-time under PGWP duration.


PGWP application fees:

The online PGWP application fee is CAN $155. But the students must also pay other $100 fees for open work permit holders.

If students want to restore their status as current students, they must pay $350. Make sure to apply for the restoring student status within 90 days. Else you have to leave the country. Students can’t do work until they get the approval for both applications.


Western Overseas assistance for PGWP:

We assist students genuinely and follow the official guidelines to get them visas. Our VISA experts have expertise in the immigration world, and their vast experience speaks a lot about their work culture. If you are in love with the country and looking for a longer or permanent stay, meet us for the best counseling session.



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