Population: 3,645,257

Capital: Edmonton

Largest city: Calgary


Alberta is a world leader not only in the matter of the oil and gas industry but also is the residence to the fast emerging industrial and service sector. The province has a rare and vibrant culture which is largely shaped by the immigrants who have been residing in the province. One can find a variety of culture, music, art and cuisine from all over the world in the major cities of the province. The majority of this population lives in Alberta’s two largest cities: Edmonton, which serves as the provincial capital, and Calgary. Each has a population of over one million residents. Alberta can be argued to be Canada’s most prosperous province in the present day, and is recognized world-wide for its high standard of living.

Education in Province

Alberta has a highly known and well acclaimed system of education, from kindergarten right through to its universities, which produces world-leading research. When you move to Alberta your kins will have an option to choose between several different schools which are all funded by tax dollars and are without any fees. Alberta’s publicly funded senior secondary education system has 26 institutions in total comprising four universities with a total of over 115,000 full- and part-time students. The province’s per head spending on basic education continues to be among the highest in Canada. The Alberta Centennial Education Plan which was launched in 2005 is bound to donate $500 to the Registered Education Savings Plan of every child born to Alberta residents in 2005 and beyond. In 2004 alone, total assistance to Alberta students was about $439 million.

Jobs in Province

Some main industries of the province include energy, agriculture and forestry. Many Canadian immigration avenues such as The Federal Skilled Trades Program have been customised to provide easy relief to gaps in Alberta’s labour market, increasingly looking for ace workers for professions such as machinery operations, plumbing and metal work. Alberta has one of the highest wages in any industry in the country. As of June 2019, the minimum wage in Alberta stood at $15 per hour, which is the highest out of all the provinces and territories. As the fastest growing province in Canada, Alberta’s economy is booming resulting in no lack of lucrative employment opportunities for young professionals in Alberta’s major industries such as service, forestry, education, finance, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing, particularly gas and oil. Alberta accounts for one of the youngest populations in the country and welcomes new residents to live and work in Canada through the Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP).

Way of Life in Province

Owing to minimum levels of unemployment and maximum demand for professionals and labourers, Alberta’s average wage and salary rates are highly competitive with the rest of Canada. The minimum wage in Alberta approaches the Canadian average at 10.20$/hr. Most noteworthy, Albertan families have the highest average combined income in Canada. A very low crime rate results in making Alberta’s cities and towns pleasant places to live and safe to raise a family. Also, the natural landscape of the province, including expansive wildlife and the Rocky Mountains, grant a desirable living environment. The standard of living in Alberta is one of the most important factors in attracting immigrants to the province.